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LeaderTask Company Management

LeaderTask Company Management Task management software for group collaboration LeaderTask is a system for employee management, assignment control, project management. Contains all the necessary features for comfortable employee management: giving and controlling assignments, working over the Internet, working in the autonomous mode, shared access to projects and contacts for employees, instant messaging, viewing employees` calendars, centralized file storage.

Billing and Inventory Management tool Billing and inventory tool allows you to manage the parts stock of organization
Billing and Inventory Management tool

management software allows you to change the existing database of a company or create new company with your own user name and password. Invoice and accounting tool tracks and controls the inventory (stock) of a company including minimum and maximum reorder points, stock levels, vendors, purchase orders and other things and prepares the billing information details in the form of ledgers. This inventory management application is helpful to update stock

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eDoc 4.2

Document Solution Company is specialized in software for a digital infrastructure in your company. We provide total solutions with software that covers document management,knowledge management and workflow in your company, automated archiving of documents, automating, maintaining the workflow and managing your customer relations. With flexible software, DocuWare Benelux can build a configuration that fits exactly in your company.

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Personal Accounting Software Billing management utility manage production and stock records for organization
Personal Accounting Software

management utility also provides various other features like currency creation, currency converter and multiple unit creation. Billing management software help to maintain account transaction within different financial modules like account payable, trial balance and account receivable. Finance management application provides user interactive graphical user interface (GUI) and easily manage financial condition of company. Business accounting tool

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Billing and Accounts Management Tool Billing and accounts management tool record business order, make financial bill
Billing and Accounts Management Tool

company’ related information like employees, item production, sales, purchase, clients, products etc. Application quickly creates shipping lists of products and services, sales purchase order invoices and summary reports of your company. Features: * Billing management tool manages company productivity details, inventory level and stocks with printing facility in report form. * Billing and inventory management software quickly generate invoices

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SFM Customer Manager 5.4

company updates, graphs, reports, statistics, pipeline analysis, cash flow analysis, forecasts and additional valuable information vital to optimal decision-making. SFM Customer Manager is the small business version of the popular SFM Executive™ analytical CRM platform, targeted at 1-10 users. Main functionalities: Customer / Contact information management Lead management Opportunity management Project and task management Instant access to customer

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Professional Accounting Software Billing system application maintains all expenses and sales of all organizations
Professional Accounting Software

management software user can change the company control setting including security, invoice, print and company description setting. Professional accounting software is client invoicing program that creates and maintains sale, expense, bills and ledger report details of company. Billing invoicing application is fully password protected to make changes in new company records with existing inbuilt new database records. Cost accounting utility manages

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